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Makes 2 cups

There was a market so near to our home in Tacoma that I shopped almost every day, sometimes twice on weekends. They had an excellent cheese selection with a few to sample each day and a cheesemonger willing and ready to help. On Saturday mornings she would pull mozzarella and other days of the week there would be fresh ricotta. While I have not yet tried my hand at mozzarella, making ricotta is very straightforward and is quite superior to what you find at the most markets. Once you make ricotta yourself you’ll question ever buying it in plastic tubs again. You can save the whey to use in baked goods where milk is called for, making your kitchen quite efficient.

2 quarts whole milk
1 cup heavy cream
½ teaspoon coarse salt
3 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

Pour the milk, cream and salt into a large heavy-bottomed pan and add the salt. Put the pot over medium heat and stir occasionally. If you feel your spoon drag on the bottom of the pan, lower the heat. Once the steam is coming off the mixture, stir more frequently. As the mixture comes to a boil and foams, add the lemon juice and turn down the heat to low. Set a timer for two minutes and stir constantly as the mixture curdles. Pour the mixture into a very fine mesh sieve or cheesecloth and let drain for about an hour. Refrigerate and use within a day or two.

ricotta| home dwelling blog


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