Michaela grew up standing on a chair at the marigold countertop in her family’s home, begging her mother to let her taste the unsweetened cocoa powder used for baking (bad idea) and stealing chickpeas as her great aunt slipped the skins off them for extra-smooth hummus (good idea).  While living in the Pacific North West she participated in her first CSA share and not knowing where to begin when faced with a bounty of greens, multiple orbs of kohlrabi and a variety of radishes, she researched and tested various recipes gaining expertise in preparing these unfamiliar vegetables and their better-known counterparts.
Michaela is a passionate cook, mother, wife and daughter working full time as a financial services professional.   In her free moments she keeps busy feeding, deciding what to feed, cooking things to feed and taking photos of what she feeds her family.  Additionally she is a photographer and enjoys teaching cooking classes to other home cooks looking to expand their skills, build confidence and provide quality food for their families.